With our days running short, the cold creeping in and the rain finding its way through all the nooks and crannies, Spray Foam Solutions has just the trick to stop the drips from your leaking roof and keep the chill out.

It saves much more money than it costs, reducing energy spent on heating by 40-70% while staying environmentally friendly.

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Spray Foam Insulation

Closed Cell Sprayed Polyurethane Foam (ccSPF) is an insulation solution that creates a healthier, cleaner and more comfortable living space while sound reduction properties form the perfect private indoor environment.

Sprayed polyurethane foam (SPF) is self-adhesive onto virtually any surface.

Initially applied as a liquid solution, SPF creates a uniform flexible membrane that covers your entire roof, offering protection from roof leaks typically occurring in your roofs seams and joints.

Insulating and Waterproofing

SPF plays a dual role in insulating your home or business as well as waterproofing your roof.

It is an ideal roof insulation solution for homes or businesses with flat roofs as the insulation materials are lightweight, durable, and require less maintenance than traditional roofing systems.

In order to suit your roof’s water runoff needs, the foam height can easily be adjusted.

Insulating Commercial and Industrial Buildings

Following application, SPF has a 30-year life expectancy, rendering it the perfect insulation solution for commercial building insulation and industrial building insulation.

Sloped Roof Insulation and Waterproofing

SPF can be used for all types of roof waterproofing, with irregularly shaped roofs proving no issue for SPF. Foamed roofs require a minimum upkeep with an indefinite lifespan.

Additionally, as a roofing material, SPF also increases the structural strength of your building by providing wind uplift resistance, which can be critical in high wind areas.

Wall Cavity Insulation

As mentioned, SPF is applied as a liquid and can be used for both wall cavity insulation and roof space insulation, fitting to any shape or size, and filling any cracks or voids left by construction.

Moreover, properties in SPF prevent moisture absorption and resist mould growth, making it ideal for use in garages and basements.

Once applied, the solution hardens very quickly and cures to form the perfect barrier against the elements.

What is R-value?

SPF has almost double the R-value of other common insulation materials per 25 mm.

R-value is a unit of thermal resistance for a particular material. R-values are measured in lab conditions rarely found in the real world and while it is the recognised measurement for temperature resistance, insulation realistically depends upon more factors.

What factors influence building insulation?

The determinants for temperature resistance of your building as a whole are insulation, air tightness and moisture tolerance as well as R-value.

ccSPF insulates, air-seals and acts as a barrier for liquids and vapours, making it the only available option that effectively addresses all three aspects of thermal resistance.

How long will it take to insulate my building with Spray Foam Insulation?

The installation is quick and easy, insulating your building in no time at all leaving you free from leaks and winter’s chill the lifetime of your home building, commercial building or industrial building.

Spray Foam Solutions - Waterproofing Port Elizabeth

SPF boasts the best building insulating properties available commercially while waterproofing leaks at the same time.

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