At the height of summer, the average metal roof can reach temperatures in excess of 60°C.

The majority of common ventilation systems cannot effectively manage these conditions and fail to maintain favourable temperatures for chicken and pig farming.

Spray foam insulation Eastern Cape

Spray foam insulation can easily be applied to the outside or underside of a roofing system and will single-handily stop heat radiation that can kill off livestock.

Insulation works both ways - a newly insulated and reinforced ceiling will also maintain warm conditions for your livestock in the colder winter months.

Additionally, this creates a seal for all cracks and leaks in your house, assisting to maintain the conditioned air, while saving you money on energy costs.

Furthermore, this also creates a barrier against pests such as rodents.

Because sprayed polyurethane foam (SPF) is so versatile, no additional construction or other building changes have to be made to your housing – as a matter of fact – SPF strengthens roofs that have structurally failed – i.e. rust on sections.

Climate control for better yields

Moreover, polyurethane foam is one of the easiest ways to lock the ideal climate inside your house and by converting existing curtain walls into solid foam insulated walls, the results get even better.

When spray foam is applied to the roofs and curtain walls of older style houses it can greatly improve the structural integrity of the building, improving its lifespan and saving you money on maintenance costs.

Foam insulation also handles your condensation problems. By just applying 30mm or more SPF you can guarantee you will never have condensation issues again. SPF is also considered to be fire resistant.

Benefits of sprayed polyurethane foam:

  • The reduction of heat loss;
  • Provides superior R-value per inch compared to other insulation solutions;
  • The reduction of fuel and energy costs;
  • Strengthens your structure and increases structural integrity by adhering and bonding to all the structural surfaces and hardening;
  • Sprayed Polyurethane Foam can protect your livestock from frost damage;
  • SPF eliminates condensation problems and maintains constant temperature control;
  • Controls moisture to help prevent mould, mildew and condensation;
  • It is environmentally friendly and lessens your energy consumption and environmental impact;

Spray Foam Insulation Eastern Cape

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