Asbestos removal is a big deal. It is now commonly recognised that asbestos inhalation is carcinogenic and deadly poisonous.

In order to safely remove asbestos products from a building, it’s important to hire fully certified asbestos removal contractors.

Asbestos removal contractors

Safe Asbestos Removal

The South African Department of Labour is responsible for creating and conducing safe asbestos removal, while regulating certified asbestos removal contractors.

"In terms of the Asbestos Regulations, any person who intends to carry out demolishing of asbestos work must be a Registered Asbestos Contractor before commencing with demolition work. “Registered Asbestos Contractor” means a mandatory or employer conducting demolition of asbestos work, who is registered with the chief inspector."

Finding an Asbestos Removal Company

Spray Foam Solutions are now registered asbestos contractors. This certification means that we are now equipped to handle anything to do with asbestos.

Which may include:

  • - asbestos testing,
  • - asbestos removal,
  • - asbestos encapsulation (sealing asbestos completely and safely by using sprayed polyurethane foam (SPF).)

We can be found on the Department of Labour’s list of certified asbestos removal companies for 2017 – under Maybery and Pragnell Project Solutions (PTY) LTD.

Benefits of Asbestos Encapsulation

  • - Encapsulation is far cheaper than asbestos removal. Removing asbestos is a costly process. Using polyurethane spray foam enables you to avoid high expenses and safely dispose of your old asbestos roof.
  • - Closed cell polyurethane spray foam can be applied to both sides of the asbestos sheet and completely encapsulates the asbestos stopping the fibres from floating in the air and becoming an inhalable health hazard.
  • - Encapsulation provides seamless waterproofing for your roof.
  • - Additionally, encapsulation offers added thermal insulation for your building.
  • - If externally applied the spray foam solution safely and permanently seals in the hazardous asbestos.
  • - It also provides a robust barrier strengthening the roofing structure.
  • - Encapsulation can also repair damaged asbestos sheeting, removing any potential for unexpected contact.
  • - Furthermore, SPF is typically applied with an additional waterproofing membrane coat and can last indefinitely without needing to be removed.

Spray Foam Solutions – Safe Asbestos Removal in Eastern and Western Cape

To achieve this certification, our personnel were fully trained in the safe handling and disposing of all asbestos products.

Additionally, at each work site, a person with a First-Aid Certificate and a construction expert are appointed as part of the asbestos removal team and all safety equipment and procedures are strictly adhered to.

If you need safe asbestos removal from your building or would prefer to encapsulate the asbestos using SPF, Spray Foam Solutions can professionally handle your asbestos problem.

For more information about our asbestos services, please contact us.